Who Are We?

We’re a story-based brewing company who revels in uncharted territory.  We love pushing boundaries, and finding “a way”, even when we’re told there is no way.  We take this exploratory mindset in our brewing, and thread it together with our passion to see people live story-rich lives; whether that’s climbing to some wild, unthinkable summit or having a great conversation with friends over a few drinks in the backyard.  Uncharted territory is going to be different for everyone, and we brew beer that pairs well with adventure of any kind.  We encourage to take heart (and a bottle of 32) as you step out into the wide world and explore your own uncharted territory. We are a brewery looking to tread into uncharted territory, all the while reveling in the stories found right outside our front door.

Meet Steve

Steve started 32 North in 2014 as a brewery to inspire adventure and celebrate a craft that has been around for over 5ooo years.  He appreciates beers that honor age old traditions but he isn't afraid to break old rules.


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